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Covering the comic book continuation of the Jericho television series which originally aired on CBS 2006-2008.

Jericho Season 4: Issue #1

Synopsis (SPOILER ALERT): This issue opens on Allison Hawkins and the other aid workers in the process of handing out provisions. One of the people demands more than his share, though, and a frakas starts which is broken up by military personnel. Allison then notices a suspicious box with the words "See You in Hell" on it and an explosion follows.

Back in Jericho, Major Beck informs Reynolds of his new cover identity, which Reynolds is not happy about.  He says he has a better idea for a cover, and Beck is willing to listen to him.  Meanwhile, Jake and Hawkins wander off, again arguing about whether they should tell Beck the full truth about Reynolds.  Hawkins still insists that they should withhold the information because they need Smith for the impending conflict between the A.S.A. and the U.S.  We then get a glimpse of Jake and Hawkins trying to slip back into their Jericho lives, but feeling a bit out of place.  Eric informs Jake of an A.S.A. soldier that Constantino brought to them that Beck now has in custody and is being subjected to questioning.  At a baby shower being thrown for Mimi, Skylar wants Dale to improve relations with Stanley so that he can start getting supplies for his store from a legitimate source, but Dale is not too keen on the idea.

Back at Major Beck's office, Reynolds informs Hawkins that he has located the most recent location for Allison and that she should be safe.  Hawkins isn't convinced though, and is making plans to go get her.  Both Reynolds and Beck try to convince him that Allison is probably safest where she is for the time being and that he is needed more in Jericho.  A video conference call with the other resistance leaders follows and Reynolds suggests that they could potentially pull off a bloodless coup with a stealth mission that Hawkins would lead.  Reynolds had not previously conferred with Hawkins on this plan, though, who is surprised by his announcement.  Later, Jake tries to rekindle his relationship with Emily by bringing her flowers, but when he comes to the school he is surprised to find Reynolds there, now assuming his new cover as a teacher.  That evening, Hawkins' wife wants him to go get Allison and bring her back, and he assures her that something is in the works, but we cut to a scene of a strike-force approaching the camp that she is in just as the issue ends.

Review:  At long last, the Jericho comic book is back with Issue #1 (of 6) of Season 4 (no subtitle like Season 3's "Civil Wars", though).   For those of us who loved the first six issue mini-series, we were overjoyed to here the story would continue, especially after leaving us on such a cliffhanger.  But we don't get much resolution from the final scene of Issue #6 of Season 3, as only a passing comment is made concerning those events and I assume we will wait until next issue to learn more about Palmer's infiltration.  I guess they felt this was the better way to kick off the new series, and we still get plenty of other storylines continued in this issue to keep us busy.  And Issue #1 does keep up a good level of quality, even if it doesn't quite measure up to the standards set by Season 3.  The issue felt a bit expository and not quite as satisfying, but still good overall.  The artwork, didn't quite meet expectations with Andrew Currie taking over the duties from Matt Merhoff and not quite getting the the look of the characters down like his predecessor.  Not that his art is in anyway bad, he just doesn't quite grab the Jericho faces like Merhoff did.  I was also confused about what was going on with Allison Hawkins.  We see the bomb go off early in the issue with the implication that she was caught in the blast.  But then we later see her smiling and play cards with no indication that the bomb had much in the way of repercussions.  I'm hoping they will elaborate on this in the next issue.  But these are just quibbles and I don't hold them against the book.  Basically, this issue gives us a good kickoff to the new series, and I'm looking forward to the issues to follow and still hope that IDW will see there way to making this an ongoing series instead of putting out several mini-series. 

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