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Will Netflix Bring the Jericho TV Series Back? (Updated)

Update: According to the SavingJericho site, as recently as July 2013 series writer/executive producer Dan Shotz confirmed that CBS was still in talks with Netflix about producing new episodes of Jericho.  Plus, CBS has signed a development agreement with the show's production company for development of other projects and indicated an interest in possibly reviving the Jericho series.  The comics give them plenty of story to work with, so hopefully something will come from this in the near future.

Prior Post: In May 2012, TV Guide released a story claiming that Netflix had shown an interest in reviving Jericho in their efforts to increase the original programming on their streaming service.  This is not the first time that Netflix as shown interest in a cancelled genre series as they also entered into talks to pick up FOX's cancelled Terra Nova and ABC's cancelled The River.  They couldn't work out a deal on Terra Nova (that one was well beyond the budgetary range Netflix was looking at) and I haven't heard anything on The River (another expensive one), so I don't know where that stands.  However, they have successfully worked out a deal for one previously cancelled (non-genre) series, FOX's comedy series Arrested Development, and new episodes of that one are due out in 2013.

I've not heard any more about Netflix bringing back Jericho since May, so I don't know if talks are still ongoing, but from what I understand it took them a while to work out a deal on Arrested Development, so patience may be necessary here.  I know that neither series stars Lennie James or Skeet Ulrich have anything major on their plate at the moment (at least nothing I have heard of), so it seems that they would be available.  And one of the former producers of the series showed enthusiasm in an interview on the potential for bringing the show back.  And much of the creative core of Jericho has remained close to the show with their involvement with the comic book.  So it seems like this is a possibility, though in the entertainment industry deals run out of steam all the time.  But keep an eye on this one for further developments, because it could turn into a hot prospect for Netflix.

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