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Covering the comic book continuation of the Jericho television series which originally aired on CBS 2006-2008.

Jericho Season 4: Issue #2

Synopsis (SPOILER ALERT): The issue begins with Jake helping Emily to fix dinner while she tells him about how much the kids like John Smith (aka David Reynolds aka his new cover in Jericho Patrick) as a teacher.  Jake is not happy about Smith working so close to Emily, but he appears even less amused when Smith shows up to join them for dinner.  Meanwhile, the A.S.A. soldier Palmer is being worked over by Jericho people, but he divulges no information.  Major Beck decides that he is just a "harmless grunt" and gives the order to let him go.  Back at Emily's house, Smith and Jake have tense words while she is out of the room and Smith turns on the television to show Jake the breaking news about a breach of security in the A.S.A. prisons that he has orchestrated.  The two come to blows when Jake insists that this is a bad move, but Smith assures him that it is an integral part of his plan to destabilize the A.S.A.  This means that if any A.S.A. enemies are caught in Jericho, they will be held in the local jail and not sent off to a government facility.  Jake realizes that Smith is referring to Hawkins and runs from the house to warn him.  Meanwhile, Dale meets with Mimi about the possibility of her and Stanley supplying his store with goods from their farm, but she turns the offer down cold.  Dale is confused because Stanley previously seemed interested in the proposition and feels sure something else is going on. 

At Hawkins' house, his son is playing but hears the approach of soldiers.  He runs to warn his father but is too late and Hawkins is taken into custody.  Palmer informs Valente that Hawkins has been arrested and also that he believes that the A.S.A. troops in Jericho are cooperating with the resistance and Major Beck may even be involved.  In the evening, Dale follows Mimi who goes out to the barn with food for someone that she is harboring and working a deal with to send supplies.  Dale overhears her entire conversation.  As the issue ends, we get a flashback to earlier in the day where we find that Jake and Hawkins had planned to have Hawkins arrested and they did this without Smith's knowledge.  Jake also knew in advance about the prison riots.  The two have their own agenda that they plan on following without involving Smith.

Review: So it's been what now, three years since the last issue of this comic book came out?  Okay, it's more like six or seven months, but that's still quite a gap between issues.  But the second installment of the Jericho Season 4 comic book delivers as expected as it continues to move several plotlines forward with what looks like an all out conflict with the A.S.A. not far on the horizon.  We get a little bit more character development from the Smith character with him proving a good teacher and also remembering his departed wife.  And we see some further development with Jake and Emily's relationship and Dale's continued expansion of his enterprises.  But I would certainly like it better if they would get this comic book on a more regular (and frequent) schedule.  Humorously enough, the closing page shows the cover of Issue #3 with the words "Next Month", but I'm not holding my breath.   Still this one is another good issue with a quick-paced script from Kalinda Vasquez (the story is by her and writers from the TV show Dan Shotz and Robert Levine).  And I'm also starting to warm up to the artwork by Andrew Currie.  Let's just get those upcoming issues out a lot quicker because these extended delays are making this a very frustrating series to follow.

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