Jericho The Comic Book

Covering the comic book continuation of the Jericho television series which originally aired on CBS 2006-2008.

Jericho Season 4 TPB Available May 3rd

Jericho TPB Season 4
IDW Publishing

Description: Jericho is back with a vengeance, with a whole new chapter of stories told in the show's official continuity. Jericho Season 4 picks up where Season Three left off. Though Jake and Hawkins are happy to be back in Jericho, the challenges they face are daunting. Not only are they fugitives in their own hometown, but they find themselves forced to play host to the newest member of the Jericho community-John Smith a man who some know as a friend of the resistance, but who Jake and Hawkins know as the man behind the September Attacks. Only they know his secret. And only they can stop him from committing another heinous act.  Compiles together issues 1 through 5 of the Season 4 mini-series.

By: Kalinda Vazquez, Andrew Currie, Tim Bradstreet

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